Important GSS Update

GSS members whose employment has been terminated prior to this agreement have 60 days to request, in writing, back pay from their AHS Human Resources department. 

As per AUPE GSS Collective Agreement, article #2.04 (TERM OF COLLECTIVE AGREEMENT), you have sixty (60) days from July 19, 2016, to formally request (written) application for retro pay, to AHS HR (Human Resources).

Phone number: 1-877-511-4455 

“If you are a former Alberta Health Services Employee, with General Support Services, calling regarding details of your retro payment, please continue to check both the AUPE union and AHS web pages for updates. At this time AHS is reviewing the arbitration award and planning for implementation. More information will be available next week. Your questions are important to us and your patience is appreciated. Thank you.”

How to Calculate Your Increase 

Take your current rate of pay ($xx.xx) and calculate as follows:

2014: $xx.xx X 1.02 = $xx.xx
2015: $xx.xx X 1.02 = $xx.xx
2016: $xx.xx X 1.01 = $xx.xx 

For example if your wage is $20.00 an hour:

2% increase is calculated:
$20.00 x 1.02 = $20.40
Increase = $0.40 

2% increase  is calculated:
$20.40 x 1.02 = 20.81
Increase = $0.41 

1% increase  is calculated:
$20.81 x 1.01 = $21.02
Increase = $0.21 

Your new pay rate is $21.08