Bargaining Update

AHS GSS | 054, 056, 057, 058 & 095  

Your bargaining committee met with the employer at Alberta Health Services in downtown Edmonton on June 14 and 15 to continue bargaining for your next collective agreement. 

Overall the meetings were productive and informative. 

The parties signed off a number of current non-monetary language items and Letters Of Understanding (LOU) during the two days: 

Article 15 – Seniority
Article 37 – Salaries
Article 39 – Employment Insurance Premium Reductions
LOU 2 – Multiple Positions
LOU 3 – Ten Month Positions in Schools
LOU 4 – Mutual Agreement to Adjust Full Time Equivalents (FTEs)
LOU 8 – Apprenticeship Program – AUPE General Support Services
LOU 13 – Standard Sick Leave Plan and Sick Leave Plan Grandfathering
LOU 21 – Pilot Project: Expedited Arbitration Process

AUPE staff also joined bargaining to deliver a presentation to the employer regarding wage equity and re-classification. This was useful to AHS and also allowed your committee to obtain more clarification on the systems the employer uses to define wage equity and re-classification.

Bargaining is scheduled to continue Sept. 13 and 14, Oct. 3 and 4 and Nov. 8 and 9.

Your committee is dedicated to keeping you informed throughout the entire bargaining process.

Please do not hesitate to contact a member of your team if you have any questions, comments or concerns.


Local 054
Nancy Woods
Charity Hill

Local 056
Lynne Jones
Lauren White

Local 057
Darren Graham
Ray Tweedle

Local 058
Karl Clauss
David Ibach

Local 095
Stacey Ross
Bruce Rutherford


Chris Dickson, Lead Negotiator

Mac McNaughton