AUPE Local 095 represents General Support Services employees of Alberta Health Services in greater Calgary area. 

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AUPE:WSWC Survery Reminder

Have you had a chance to tell members about the Working Short/Workload Issues Survey on

This survey is the first crucial step towards developing an AUPE-led awareness campaign addressing the prevalence of working short and unmanageable workloads in your workplaces.

AUPE’s new Working Short/Workload Campaign sub-committee is meeting on Friday, March 29, so if members in your components want their responses to be included in the first assessment of these issues, ask them to fill the questionnaire out before then.

If they don’t have time, no worries: the survey will remain open until April 30. Encourage everyone in your Locals and Chapters to take part.

Heavy workloads and understaffing take a physical, psychological and emotional toll on everyone, and our union wants to know what the impact is on you and your fellow members.

Through the survey, reporting forms and other information-gathering opportunities, you can help the Committee lead change on AUPE worksites and beyond.

It’s going to take all of us to make this project happen. As a Chapter or Local Chair, continue encouraging members to fill out the WSWC survey, send in reporting forms when issues arise, and check for updates.

If you are no longer a Chair of your component, please forward this information to the current Chair.

If you have any questions, please email

Your WSWC committee is:
Judy Prokopchuk
– Chair – Local 040 – Health Care

Mike Dempsey – Local 012 – AUPE VP, COPA Committee Chair

James Hart - Local 002 - AUPE VP, OH&S Committee Chair

Dane Koster – Local 060 – Boards and Agencies

Jamie Simmons – Local 118 – Boards and Agencies

Christine Plettl – Local 001 – Government Services

Rob Poggemiller – Local 006 – Government Services

Catherine Sivasankar – Local 041 – Health Care

Lionel Pereira – Local 038 – Education

Peter Steward – Local 071 – Education

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